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Giant Trinity Alliance - Great Value Starter TT/Tri Bikes - Race & Train - New x2

Thought I would see if there are any newbie time-triallists (or triathletes) looking for a good value starter bike... These are based in London if anyone would like to come and see/try out.



The bikes are based on Giant Trinity Alliance (2014) frames. These would be ideal for smaller riders, though currently the White bike is the one that has been set up to accommodate a rider down to around 5'3" - the Black bike is set up for someone around 5'7" to 5'10" (but plenty of scope to adapt either to a range of rider sizes). Each bike comes with aero extensions, aero brake levers and bar-end shifters, a 2x10s Sram/Shimano group set (with short cranks to aid in achieving a good aero tuck) and two complete sets of wheels (clinchers for training and 50mm deep rim carbon tubulars for racing) both with tyres and cassettes supplied (and some extras such as at least one spare tubular - plus tape - for race days). With a dedicated aero seat post and short-nose TT/Tri saddle supplied, these bikes are ideal for starting out and getting used to time-trialling and riding in an aero tuck.

The Giant Trinity Alliance frame is based on a hybrid carbon/aluminium construction, well regarded at the time of release (just Google the frame and you’ll find plenty of reviews), with tube shapes profiled for maximum aerodynamic effect (i.e. speed!), the frames have never been used, but were resprayed by well-known finishers Argos Cycles, and new Giant logos added. Note that many of the components are brand new (e.g. all the “wear” elements of the drive train, tubular tyres etc) or as new, and the assembly and check of the final bicycle has been done by an expert mechanic.

The relevant dimensions to help you assess the sizing are as follows:

Virtual (ie level) top tube 52cm

Saddle height range (from top of saddle to BB centre) - 63cm to 76cm

Approximate range of distance from centre of handlebar top to tip of saddle - 42-56cm

By my reckoning, this means that this bike can be adapted to work for a rider roughly in the height range of 5’2”- 5’10”. However, many positional factors need to be taken into account (how far forward the saddle is positioned, the difference in height between the saddle and bars, the angle and length of the aero extensions etc).

Lots more pictures of these bikes (and a few others) and more details of the spec (and pricing) can be found here:


Note that all the contact points for sizing/comfort (saddle, stem, bars) can be swapped from a range at no extra cost. No pedals are included, but I have a selection available if required.

The Black bike is listed at £899 and the White bike is £949, but there's a bit of wiggle room on those prices, depending on final spec. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • jahknob2jahknob2 Posts: 4

    UPDATE - The white bike has been sold. Black Giant Trinity Alliance TT/Tri bike still available, now priced at £825 including two sets of wheels - training clinchers and deep carbon racing tubulars.

    Bike is available in London to be viewed/tried out, happy to spend time to adjust fit to any potential buyer. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Price changed slightly to £845 but now includes a set of brand new Conti clinchers for winter training (the training wheels had some narrow 23mm racing clinchers on - can still keep these, but the Conti tyres will be a better option for allowing year-round riding and training)..

  • I hope you keep putting out good pieces like this one and more for everyone to read fnaf

  • Now SOLD

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