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Looking for the best sectional sofa with a chaise for ideally under 2k?

I live in northeastern PA, we currently have a budget of 2k but would like to be a little under if possible, we don't have specific measurement requirements, but bigger is better and we are looking for an L shaped sectional with a chaise on the other end. The side of the chaise/L doesnt really matter. We have a golden retriever who will be allowed on the sofa, and are looking for a lighter grey color, but can go a darker grey as well, we'd just vacuum it more often. We've visited Ashley furniture, bobs discount furniture, and big lots and have found sofas we like at each one, but then read mixed reviews of them all and can't decide which to go with. I don't have the names of the sofas we looked at previously but can likely find them if necessary. I totally know that 2k for what we're looking for will have it's drawbacks, but we're also doing a lot of work elsewhere in the house so 2k for a sofa is all we can do at the moment. Thank you!


  • Hello, everyone! Before buying, be sure to read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality and comfort of the selected sofa. Also, check the delivery details and warranty conditions. It is also advisable to visit local furniture stores and check out their selection. Some stores may offer promotions and discounts, which can help you save money on your purchase. I can recommend a website with 1stopbedrooms furniture. In this store, you can buy furniture for a price lower than their competitors as well as you soko quality material. You should See Details on their website. Good luck with your search and I hope you find the perfect sectional sofa with a chaise longue in your budget!

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