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I love buying unique handmade items but am overwhelmed by the options on mainstream sites like Etsy. Does anyone know of a good review site profiling the top independent artist marketplaces and boutiques? I want to find sites that curate quality handmade goods and support artisans directly. Hoping to discover some new gems while avoiding hypebeast mass production posing as handmade. Any suggestions from fellow craft enthusiasts are appreciated!


  • vasiliydounvasiliydoun Posts: 24

    Hi! I like Etsy for supporting small businesses, unique and sustainable products, and a user-friendly interface. This allows me to connect with talented craftsmen and buy things that match my values and interests. When shopping on this marketplace, I feel completely safe as etsy customer service is always ready to help solve any problems. With a wide range of offerings, Etsy has become my go-to marketplace for finding and supporting independent sellers, making it an integral part of my shopping routine.

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