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New FORM:TRAININGPEAKS Workout Integration Launch

FORM is really excited to announce the newest feature launch: FORM-TrainingPeaks integration

The FORM-TrainingPeaks integration now allows users to pull their swim workouts into the FORM platform so they can swim them as they or their coach intended. Any swim workout - whether it uses the TrainingPeaks building blocks or, more commonly, written in the Description box (or both) will automatically be imported into FORM. The resulting FORM workout contains the structure - distances, efforts, rest that were defined in TrainingPeaks.

Aside from the structure, we also import the description and sub-set notes so all those tips contained there that can give crucial context to the workout are kept and brought into the FORM App. Once workouts are on their goggles, the experience is just like a FORM guided workout. They will see all their instructions in their eye while they swim, they will be told about equipment, efforts and strokes and can focus on having a great swim!

For more information, check out this blog.

For a limited time offer we are offering 15% off using the code: TrainingPeaks15 when you order off www.formswim.com

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