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Sit Bone Discomfort

Hey guys.

I'm new to the forum so would appreciate any advice.

I'm training for a 70.3 and 95% of my rides are indoors on a Trek Speed Concept. I've experimented with half a dozen saddles but can't find one that doesn't get me past around 1.5 hours without some serious discomfort.

My latest purchase is a Specalized 130mm Sitero. I've had a proper bike fit and my sit bones have been measured. This latest saddle is definitely the best I've tried but I still can't make it beyond 2 hours without having to add in a 2 min butt break. I should also add that the discomfort is in my sit bones and not the soft tissue so I'm confident the saddle is the correct size and my set up is right.

My question is do I simply need to build up some stamina in my sit bones so the discomfort begins later and later in each ride or should there be no discomfort with the correct saddle and I should continue my search? Is this just par for the course for indoor rides and everyone suffers? Do I need to think about a thicker chamois but not sure what this will mean on race day? I don't want to start messing around with the chamois in my trisuit.

Thanks in advance.


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