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Anxiety reappeared

was a little reluctant to post about this topic but I decided it might be a weight off the shoulder if I put it out there  

So every time about a week into a triathlon event I start to feel anxious . A little is fine but I think with me is too much . To the point where it takes the fun out of it, and the whole point of doing it is that key word “fun” 

I’ve done alot of 70.3s, sprints , standards attempted full but dnf  

Doesn’t matter if it’s a sprint or standard anxiety will kick in  

I’m not going for anything , meaning not trying to make top 10 or go for podium , not racing anyone  

Just aiming for fun and a PB for myself  

The issue is with the anxiety there is no sleep a night before the event . And that ruins it because you feel exhausted and dont feel like taking part , and obviously you’re not going to be at your best  

I’ve shared rooms with people before and they sleep like champions so I know the majority get enough rest  

If I miss a day during taper then oh my god the world stops spinning lol  

I love the training and the event itself  

If I can get over this hurdle then things will be great .  

I spent too many years training so would be a shame to be Give it up  

A few years ago before covid I was ok. I spoke to a sports psychologist and I was good . I would be getting 5 hours sleep one night before a 70.3 event

but now my thinking is back to negativity again . Silly , I am stronger now on all 3 disciplines and started doing local events. it could be that I see many athletes way stronger or they didn’t take as long as me to get to where they are .

In the grand scheme of things it is truly ridiculous and there is absolutely nothing to worry about  

But still that thinking is not working  

Unfortunately for some people like myself the mind can play tricks 

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