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the dreaded knee

hello hello

i have recently started having trouble with my knee and was after a bit of advice...

i have run and swum for years and years, never having picked up an injury. i started cycling about 6 months ago and have been fine, until about 2 weeks ago. Both my knees started feeling a bit stiff, then i went for a long run (having rested them for a few days) and my left knee almost locked up. The pain is not there when i cycle, but it is really bad when i run at the moment - kind of the outer, top part of my right knee. Any suggestions as to what it might be, how it might have begun and how to make it go away?




  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Although I trust upon the advice of the members on this forum[&:], I'd really advise you to go see a sports doctor that you know and trust. I went last week to one with a naging knee-pain when running, now 3 months already. I tried lots of things like Ice, rest, soft surfaces,... Nothing helps, but now I'm already running with it for 3 months. Should have gone first to him, a lot of time lost already now.
  • What was the diagnosis benny? Stephen....I agree with bennys advice of seeing a proffesional. However, check out your shoes first. I had problems when asics changed a particular model. Its suprising how a slight change in a shoe can bring you grief.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey Hound,

    the man who did the echography said he sees its the semitendinosus tendon (i dont know if this is the right term in English??). Its a tendon that comes from the hamstrings an comes to the shin with two other tendons which he calls 'the goose-foot?'.

    Exactly what is wrong with it I will hear from the doctor next monday. Fingers crossed[:(]
  • I am getting deja vu here. We all spent a great deal of time talking about knees on the forum last year. Stephen we are all prone to a bit of knee problems due to the nature of the sport. I am waiting for an op for my cartilage.

    BTW Ibuprofen is proven to be the best pain killer that you can get over the counter. (According to the Oxford League on Clinical effectivness) If you can get some Diclofenac (Voltarol) that works well but you will need a prescription for them. Also there is some evidence that Glucosamine and Chondriotan can help thicken the cartilage but you need to be on it for a few months. You can get that in a health store, or the Chemist.

    I hope you can all get sorted. Knees are a real pain in the arse (or the Knee![:D]) Just dont overdo it. Remember being first at the moment is no substitute for being crippled in our fifties. (I should really practice what I preach)
  • Dont think it was as long ago as last year motp? good to keep people informed who missed it though. I Didnt know Glucosamine thickened cartridge, interesting.

    Since removing orthotics my knee is definetly improving, £75 down the drain!!!![:@]
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    got back from the doctor, 3 weeks no running, ten times chiropractor in that time. He said its gonna hurt a lot, but it should help, otherwise he says the only option is injection with corticosteroids. I got no experience with this, but I'm definately not keen on it.[&o]
  • pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    I feel for you guys- I had/have problems with both knees- operations on both- two on the left. takes ages to recover but am finally running decent distances and completed my first sprint tri couple weeks ago. I had cortisone injection- did nothing for me. I think general consensus is do it at a last resort. Cortisone should only be done once as repeated injections actually weakens the cartilage/tendon and can cause tears or more injury. Read up about it on the net before you go down that road.

    I have been having Bowen Therapy for last 5 months and it has really helped me- mainly due to my problems in my knees being caused by musculature imbalances and pelvis not straight. Now these are being addressed the knees are coming right. The right knee is 100% yeah.Perserverance and patience!
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