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What sound deadening?

As I've been working on my van, I'm finding that where it was advertised as insulated and lined, there is in fact little in the way of insulation and no sound deadening, so as it looks like I'm going to removing a lot of my interior I may as well strip it all back and add plenty of sd, have already added quite a bit of 6mm self adhesive insulation, so my question is what sd are people using?


  • It sounds like you're taking a comprehensive approach to improve the insulation and sound deadening in your van, and that's a great decision for a more comfortable and quiet interior. When it comes to sound deadening (SD) materials, there are several options available, and Sound deadener is one worth considering.

    From my knowledge, ResonixSoundSolutions is known for offering high-quality automotive sound deadening materials. Their products are designed to effectively reduce noise and vibrations, which can significantly enhance the cabin experience in your van.

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