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Orthotic insoles info........please!

Does/has anyone ever used orthotic insoles in their trainers for running?

I’m looking at the sort that give extra arch support.

Any experiences and advise would be very much appreciated.

P.S. Come on folks…..share the knowledge…..i’m dying here


  • hathat Posts: 10
    I visited a podiatrist a couple of years ago after suffering from very sore ankles. He assessed me and informed me that I was a severe overpronator and that I would require orthotics which he would custom make and further assess me. This would cost me over £200! I told him that I couldn't aford it and walked out.

    I got home that evening and ordered a couple of sets of in soles on the internet from Dr. Foot; this cost me about £15.00 I think. I've never had the problem again.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Gary,

    The latest Triathlon Plus rag has reviewed these: http://www.yoursole.co.uk/products/footbeds/ very favourably.

    Worth a go?

  • Hi Gary - hopefully some relevant local knowledge for you!!!

    I too 'over pronate' as I have flat feet!!! This resulted in knee pain until I was advised to fit inserts in to my running shoes to support my fallen arches by a mate with the same problem. I bought some from Boots (in Telford as it happens) and that sorted my knee pain out - I think they were about £25.

    I am in the process of buying so new running shoes - I went to Up and Running in Shrewsbury (a new shop I think??). They video you on a treadmill in regular trainers without inserts to look at how 'in-line' your foot, ankle and knee is when running - this was a free service. This confirmed my need for arch support. It seems a number of running shoe manufacturers now make them with built-in arch support for 'over pronators' so avoiding the need for inserts. They are getting me a pair of Saucony shoes to try - they didnt have my size in stock - they are no more expensive than a regular pair.

    Hope this help!


  • i suffered from achilles tendonitis which sneaked up on me last year in both feet. i went to see a very well respected ex england team physio who immediatley told me that it was caused by my relatively new trainers. I had bought them from Up and running after a session on their treadmill - a pair of sauconys which were designed for over pronated actions. basically they were too stiff, didnt allow my foot to move properly and as a consequence caused the tendonitis.

    He recommended a podaiatrist who made me some insoles for sport/running and sold me some off the shelf inserts for every day shoes. I then bought some neutral runing shoes and put the new insoles in which has made a massive diffrence and the tendonitis has been aleviated. in fact i sent my wife and one of our children to see him and its help get rid of her hip pain caused by the wrong alingnment through her running shoe.

    anyway i'm a big fan of orthotic insoles, all the big sports clubs pay for players to have them done regulary so if you can afford it (mine were about 120 quid) i'd recommend.

    hope this helps
  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I asked about this a while back, have a look through here
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