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Swim caps vs the cold?


I'm doing the Mallory park tri on Monday. It's only my second tri and other than some practice swims towards the end of last year, my first ever open water swim. So figuring some T1 practice would be wise, I went out with a mate today for a swim (he was in canoe for safety)

I expected it to be cold as I know the water takes a couple of months to catch up with the weather...but and again!!! It was skull splitting!!!

I assume I will be given a skull cap on the day with my number on it? I have never swum with one and I know it wont offer much insulation, but will it take the edge off of the temp? Or should go out and get a neoprene one to wear under it?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Some double cap so yes that is an option, also consider ear plugs.
  • http://www.blueseventy.com/products/detail/neoprene_cap

    And I've never done a Tri where they put your race number on your hat!!
  • vybermanvyberman Posts: 28
    And I've never done a Tri where they put your race number on your hat!!
    Oh! I just see everyone all wearing the same coloured caps caps so I assumed it had the number on or something... So do they dish caps out then, or I have I got that bit wrong?
    I hope they do, half the fun is that for the first 15 mins i can pretend to be a tadpole or someone from a Woody Allen movie. It'll kinda ruin the buzz if were all wearing different coloured caps!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    1.some races I have done(before chip timing),did number the caps as a safety measure and help with the timing.
    2.dependant on the size of the race it is done in waves,each wave has a different colour cap.

    3.either buy a neopprene skull cap,or a silicone cap and wear it under your race issue cap.

    4.enjoy the brain freeze.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    in the winter i swam with a thicker silicone hat under my latex cap and it worked pretty well - you are still going to have a cold face but after 5-10mins it has mostly warmed up. silicone hats should be fairly easy to get hold of and aren't too expensive.
  • vybermanvyberman Posts: 28
    Hehe. In the winter, I stayed well away from water outside!

    I lucked out this morning though. I was thinking I would have to drive to Notts and neoprene cap. But then I remembered midland diving equipment is just round the corner so tried it on the off chance!
    As it turned out they had a billabong neoprene caps with a peak on it for surfers, 12 quid! Just had to pick the stitches out to get the peak off!

    So I'm going to do another round vs the cold water this afternoon to try it out!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    vyberman wrote:
    Hehe. In the winter, I stayed well away from water outside!
    i skipped december and january, but swam in the local river in november and feb with no great problems. i have a pair of neoprene sock things that helped with cold feet and my hands and face were ok after a few mins. at the moment that stretch of water is pretty warm (although i doubt all are the same, and the sea is probably still quite cold!)
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Hope your race went ok today.

    You probably know by now that they give out different coloured caps for different waves.. was that the case for you today?

    ..and yes, a swim cap will definately help you keep your head warm (so says the baldy!!)
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Just put an extra hat on. Or have a glass of man up before you get in.
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