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Hi, I have just purschased my 1st pair of skins half tights, with the intention of using for the running side of my training, and I have to say I'm not too happy.

I have always worn some sort of compression clothing, but recently it has been nike on the bottom and underarmour on the top. Neither of these claim to have the same increase of performance due to increased blood flow etc as the skins, well nike probably does but nike claim their sports clothing can make you into some kind of sports star, if you believe the adverts.

Any how, I used them for a quick 5k last nite and I found I ran slower in them! I was dissappointed because I had heard such good things! I felt as though they put a but too much pressure on my thighs, but I am sure I have the right size as I am bang in the middle of the sizing chart!

Is it just a case of getting used to them? what experiences have others had?


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    SwimfanSwimfan Posts: 19
    They dont affect my performance other than I feel I can go for longer with less muscle fatigue...

    Main advantage is they drastically affect my recovery and reduce DOMS
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    ok, i think I may have been a tad hasty on the skins.

    I did one of the hardest bike sessions I have done this year this evening, over 40k around hilly leeds, pushing as hard as I could. When I got back I could barely move my legs, so I whacked the skins on and 1 hour later hey presto! my legs feel fantastic! I could go out again!

    so bravo on the recovery side, but Im still not convinced about their performance during the training!
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I got a pair of 2XU tights and wear them after a long run (20kM) and they are great. I don't think its' a placebo effect as I usually do my long run on a Friday evening and once changed etc I go to my Local Bike Shop - which is a split site. Pre the 2XU's I hobbled between shops and was generally sore ( abruised feeling), since getting the 2XU's this has gone and I can actually stroll between the shops. So I think they work but can only vouch for 2XU which seem to get the best reviews.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    izing as ever is an issue, I have linebreak which gives best performance in an XS (!), but my 2XU are S..& consequently don't feel as effective whilst I wear them, but do seem to do the job..hmmm.
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    slatsslats Posts: 11
    I also have a pair of skins and find they work well for exercise and recovery. However following advice from another thread, whilst waiting for them to turn up I bought some tube-a-grip from tescos and started using that, and it works a treat!

    I use a narrow one for my calfs whilst exercising along with my skins half tights, and for recovery I use it on my thighs and calfs (obviously under my clothing!). It works as well as compression clothing, is extremely versitile and costs about two quid for a metre length!

    Whilst I wouldn't want to put anyone off buying skins etc, I would definitely recommend trying them out first and then getting some skins when you want to look the part.
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