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Coping with the cold

I regularly pick up hints, tips and advice from this forum but this is the first time I've posted on here as I could really do with some help. I have a real problem with getting almost hypothermic when I come out of a long swim and wondered if anyone else has the same problem and how they deal with it?

After spending about an hour training in the lake at Liquid Leisure this morning (approx 3000m wearing a wetsuit and 2 swimming hats) it took a 20 minute drive with full heating (plus heated seat), a very hot shower and a big bowl of steaming porridge before I finally stopped shivering.

I'm supposed to be doing the NF middle distance next weekend and am seriously concerned about how I'll cope with the bike section if I'm that cold. I've already decided to sacrifice some time in transition by putting socks, cycle jersey and gloves on. I'm also thinking about buying a thermal rash vest to wear under my wetsuit and wondered if anyone else does this and if its a worthwhile purchase (plus any advice on brand, type, etc)? Or any other solution?

Thanks everyone.
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