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Need a few answers......

Hi Steve,from my point of view,and I am probably on my own here as usual being a lazy tyke that I am.

6 to 7 hours is about the same time I spend when I am training for an Ironman race which gives me about 13hr 30mins finishing time,so Six to 7 hours spent wisely should give you a a good time for your tri.

If cycling is the weakest discipline and you are comfortable in the water then as the cycle takes up the majority of the race time then perhaps devote about 65% of your training 4hr 30 mins to it,about 2 to the run as 23mins is a good time and maybe 1 to 2 swims a week to keep the feel of the water.

If the event has been run before get a copy of the previous results and see what the times were and based on your expected times today where you would finish.Best of luck.


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    stevedavis82stevedavis82 Posts: 110
    Hi guys,

    Wanted a few answers to my training regime and thought the expereince of the 220 forum would be a lot more accurate.

    I'm currently in training about 6-7 hours per week (next event is Dorney Evening Tri 30/7/08, then the London Tri).

    1) What percentage should the break down be for each discipline...my weakest event is prob the cycle. But that is still quite good.

    2) When indoor training on a static bike what should the rpm be to be similar to outside (bike in the shop being tuned for a few days)

    3) What is a good time of the bike for a 5k run (curently at 23mins 04sec after a 20km bike in 35mins 20secs)


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