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Power Output and Cadence

Afternoon guys, has anybody used a Computrainer before? I have had my metabolic fitness tested and VO2Max plus wattage calculated. My Vo2Max is around 60% and watts reached 360...Averaging 26mph over the test. Anybody know how i could use this data in my trining and relate it to cadance???


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Not quite sure what these results are meant to mean. Measurements of VO2max aren't given as a percentage. VO2max is measured in either litres per minute or litres per minute per kilogram of body weight, it is always 100%. Intensity of exercise at lactate thresholds can be given as a % of VO2max, but you still need a measure to work to, i.e. corresponding heart rates. If you train with a power meter you can use power in your training, but others on this forum can probably give you better advice on that than me as I can't afford one.

    Sorry that this isn't much help, but I hope whoever did the test for you gave you more infomation than this.

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