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Ful-on-Tri or Thames Turbo?

Anybody a member of this club? Thinking of joining and wouldn't mind some info....either that or Thames Turbo. If you know about either clubs would you let me know...cheers.



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    I joined Ful-On Tri Club a couple of months back, and I can honestly say, I have been VERY impressed.

    Everybody is really nice, the training sessions are always well organised, and there is always a great turnout to all the sessions.

    It's really relaxed, catering for all levels.

    They have a Thursday night club session, that you can pop along to if you are thinking about joining. Head along to Virgin Fulham Pools to check it out. (More details on their website - http://www.fulontri.com).

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    Hi Steve,

    You could not have picked two clubs with the greatest rivalry!

    I have been with Thames Turbo for just over a year now and love it!

    I would recommend TT to anybody. TT also have a two week trial membership where you can come along and swim, turbo train and run.

    Try both, what sold me on TT was the number of coached training session, plus the fact that we train in Hampton which is only 5 miles from where i live.

    They to cater for all levels of athlete from beginner to expierenced.

    Hope this makes your decision easier!


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    What are the membership costs like? Social scenes down at the clubs....and importantly are WAGS welcome on a social aspect!! (my mrs ask's that question!)

    Will look at maybe visiting both. I live in Chiswick, which one trains nearest to me??? Any ideas???

    Thanks for your help thus far.
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    Hi Steve,

    Ful on tri train in Fulham, if i remember correctly from when i was looking for a club. So i would think that Chiswick is closer to Fulham than to Hampton.

    In terms of cost, one thing that stood out with TT is that all training sessions are included in the £20 pm members fee, where as with the likes of Ful on tri, because they make use of Homes Place, Vigin etc for swimming etc you would have to pay each time you swam £2-3. But they are only £90 a year. Have a look at both sites and do the maths, it may be swings and round about over the whole year.

    in Terms of social scene, Thame T is very social and encourages WAGS etc and often has social evenings in the summer where we have the whole of Hampton court pool to ourselves, where kids are welcome.

    Hope this helps, but do check the sites.
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