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time trial bike - advice please

A mate of mine has offered his Bianchi Liqui Gas time trial bike to ride at this years Ironman which is in 7 weeks time. I can get it this weekend to train on. It is a super bike.

My question is, would the time saving on the bike leg be worth borrowing his bike as apposed to rining my normal Bianchi 928L road bike and secondly how long do you think I need to train on a TT bike to get used to it and comfortable. I am averaging 350km a week on the bike, so lets say I will get in at least 2000km before the race.

This will be my 4th IM and my best bike split is 5h43.


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Tell the truth! You want us guys to make a very difficult decision for you! My advice is to give the TT bike a couple of trials at race pace and distance and then trust your "gut feeling". It could be a better choice but only if it is more comfortable, if you can handle it, and you are "at one" with it if not then go for your usual bike providing you're happy that it's good - if it aint broken don't fix it!
  • feesfees Posts: 28
    Thanks treefrog, suppose that is the best thing I can do. Will get the bike today, set it up tomorrow and do my weeks riding on it, including a long one on the weekend. If i like it then I will race Ironman on it, if not, then I just ride the bike I have.
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