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Hi, I'm sure this sort of question has been answered a thousand times on here, but I'm just looking for a bit of advice on wetsuits

Im taking part in my first triathlon at London in a few weeks and I need a wetsuit. Im a pretty heavy build, heavy legs. Swims times, 750m, 13.30, 1500m 27.50. Im not sure which wetsuit to go for, ive been looking at the 2xu, snugg and various others. Looking to spend £200 tops really.

Any advice would be great




  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    check out Quintana Roo - I think they are excellent - they're available from TriUK.

    I've had mine a while and love it and just bought my better half one and he loves it too!
  • joewaferjoewafer Posts: 6
    I just got the Speedo STR 1.5 from wetsuithire.co.uk and its pretty amazing. Its slippery smoooth and bouyant and easy to get out of. You should check it out - you can hire for only £50 then give it back at the end of the season or buy it at end of season for £165 minus the hire price- seems like a good deal to me!

    Then again, I was using a crappy surfers wetsuit with a hole in the arm (but still able to do 12mins for 750m) before I 'graduated' to the STR!
  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    I am an ex rugby player and also a member of the 'heavier build' breed of triathlete, I have recently got a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit and find it great, the flexibility in many of the other ones I tried was always an issue.

    It really does not matter what make/model anyone recommends it is what feels right for you, you must try wetsuits in water as they all feel awful in shops, try and get a decent length swim in one or more (a few hundred metres at least) to see how your arms feel, and so you get used to the feel of the wet suit pressing on your chest and the extra buoyancy etc. The suggestion of hire one and buying at the end seems a good idea.

    You must get it soon and practice, practice and practice, do not leave it to race day for your first big swim, also do not forget to buy some Bodyglide as you are almost certain to find bits that rub, remember to do bottom of shins and ankles to aid removal.

    Good Luck


  • hlidhlid Posts: 7
    I just moved up to the 2XU V1 which is awesome, but over the £200 you are looking at. However I'd say look at the 2XU range because of the customer service I've had from Mike Trees. 2nd time in it and being a numpty I slid into a lake on my bum I snagged my new suit on some wire. Mentioned it to Mike at an MK tri and he fixed it up for me (I didn't even know wetsuit glue existed).

    Everyone I have met in at 2XU suit of any kind always seems more than happy with them. Mine keeps me in a straight line which knocks minutes off my times and is so easy to get on and off - no more hopping around in transition!
  • FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    Orca Sonar 2008
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I have an Orca S1, however I read the the 2XU is best value for money, and got 9/10 in a previous 220 writeup, beating even the more expensive suits.
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