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taper or not

kurtkurt Posts: 18
Hello to all,

Has anyone experience in incorporating an event, e.g. a half ironman, into a training schedule? The schedule that I’m following (the 24 weeks ironman program) doesn’t have the option of inserting an event and how to change the schedule.

The event in question is the Belvoir middle distance. I’m treating it as an event to gain experience and see what I need to work on before IMUK. So I won’t be “racing” as such.

For the following weeks to the event, I’m not sure whether to do:

a) Follow my ironman schedule and incorporate the event into the weekend training schedule

b) Schedule a recovery week prior to the event

c) Taper down the ironman schedule

d) Or ???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    I dont see why not, I've trained through Olympic distance and sprints in the past. Infact I've had some good results from events which I havnt tapered for.

    I wouldnt suggest that you do a 16mile run or 100mile+ bike the day before but be sensible and you shouldnt have too many worries. Nutrition however will be key.

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    ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    how far out is the half ironman you are thinking of, and what volume of training are you doing at moment. guess you around base 3? what your bikes and run times/distances?

    various programmes suggest maybe doing a big training day 4 and 8 weeks out, so they can easily be incorporated.

    have you done a half ironman distance before, it sounds as if you havent. if not certainly try and factor it in to get your head and body aorund nutrition and pacing etc for that distance, and beyond.

    although not your a race of the season, i would suggest at least a 2/3 day taper for it. dependent upon your volume of training, ie how quickly you recover from larger sessions, would dictate how long you give to recover. big thing after increasing training/events is effect on immune system, and you do not want to train to large too soon and then get ill and compromise your other planned training. therefore i would say nutrition and rest key post your event.

    also as you say, prob wise not to go all out on the pace front, as will clearly have less drain on your body.
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    halfanironmanhalfanironman Posts: 129
    im doing a marathon 4 weeks b4 my ironman, but im not worried. i have been doing the an 18/20 miler every few weeks, and loads of 10 milers in between.
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