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Can anyone tell me the quickest route to do Land's end John O'groats. Also how possible is it to do in five to six days?

If you've done it any advice would be great.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    If you find yourself in France, you've gone wrong.

    Which, apropos of nothing, reminds of, way back when, I was marshalling a cycling event at the Almondsbury interchange - where the M5 meets the M4. Not far from Bristol, in the South West of England. A tourist stopped and asked me "Which way to Dover?". All I could do was say "Take the M4 to London, then turn right. Carry straight on, you can't miss it"

    Seriously, the routes are well documented. A little bit of research will tell you. Alternatively, you could just enter it in to your SatNav.

    Good luck!
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I did this a few years back along with 4 mates, we hired a mini bus and a mate drove the whole route with us, we kept meeting up every couple of hours.

    We did 942 miles in 8 days the longest day 129 miles and the shortest 107.

    It would be possible to do it in 5-6 days, we choose the least traffic route.

    We stayed in mostly youth hostels where possible.

    Our Route:- Lands End-Exeter, St Briavels, Chester, Shap, Kilmarnock, Oban, Dingwall, John O'groats.


    Plenty of long training rides (bum on saddle time)

    Fully maintained bike

    Clean fresh kit every day.

    Plenty of lube around the nether regions

    Plenty of fluids/carbs during the day

    Protein recovery drink after every ride

    Good nights sleep

    Good breakfast and evening meal

    Steady on the beer in the evenings

    Well worth doing

    Goog Luck and Enjoy
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    Cheers, I've done Pontypridd to Newcastle in four days and that was great, but my arse felt like a tractor had ran over it. Also un-supported the kit was heavy and may need a bit of tweaking.

    Cheers for the advice and how did the bloke get the record of 44 hours, that's insane.

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