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An urge for cake

Hi everyone when I’ve been out for a long cycle I always get a real need for cake and chocolate. Can anyone recommend a recipe for something that is a low fat and low sugar as an alternative?

Cheers everyone and happy New Year training.


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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    My other half swears by malt loaf. He keeps one in his back pocket when going out on winter rides. I wonder if that counts as cake?
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    Malt loaf also!!! Find it really good. After a long ride I always neck a bottle of Goodness Shakes, Choc Malt. Gives you the sugar you need and tastes good too.
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    WilkoWilko Posts: 23
    Maltloaf all the way!

    I find it still tastes the same even if it has been squashed, the same cannot be said for lemon drizzle cake I tried one day! [:(]
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    It's a good job I like malt loaf then.

    Cheers everyone.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    mmmmmmm, home made in the bead maker, back pocket of cycle jersey, hot day, melting butter mmmmmmmm.
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