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Training Bible Template for you...


Anyone using the Joe Friel training bible will find this handy, it's done me well for the last few years so thought I'd share it. There's still a bit of crap in there that I've dropped in (more as a guide) but basically if you're lacking a diary or are planning your year this should help.

There are a couple of pages, the main planner, a section to write in your workouts and something I took off Bupa that helped me when I got started. The little bars down the right tally up a distance total for the end of the year so you can see how much you've done — more of an ego thing if I'm honest but it is useful to watch how many miles your trainers have done. I'm a designer by trade so apologies it looks a bit wanky.

I've left my races on — so anyone racing against me please don't use my own tool against me! Happy New Year — have a good (and injury free) season.




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