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Advice please - a newbie

I'm due to take part in my first triathlon next weekend. Unfortunately I have had a cold and chesty cough for a week and haven't been able to train. Could you advise me, should I carry on with the tri or pull out?


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    How are you feeling now? If you're pretty much over it then I'd go for a gentle ride or run on Monday and Tuesday and then leave it at that until race day.

    A good rest prior to racing is important and as this is your first time, you will really feel the gain from being well rested.

    Remember to eat lots of carbs this week and get an early night before the race.

    Good luck with it.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    losing that week of training is not a reason to pull out, you can handle it. You def didn't lose your fitness over 7 days. Just make sure you get to the starting line in healthy condition and all will be fine.

    Maybe the accomplishment will give you even more satisfaction.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I agree with Benny give it until the day - then give it a go and then if you don't feel up to it pull out, or even if part way through pull out .. or don't and finish it. You have trained and only YOU will judge YOU, Give it a go!
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As above, please let us know what you do LizB but I would give it a go.

    You've paid your money, any training you do this week should be nice and gentle anyway and it realy, really does not matter if you doggie paddle the swim, amble around at a vicar's pace on the bike and walk the run (you know what I mean) - the important thing is that you have given your best and hopefully will complete. Marvellous - anything more than that is an absolute bonus.

    By all means take extra time in transition to put on an extra top or leggings and to dry yourself off but please do have a go.

    I am sure I speak for everyone and that we respect whatever decision you make but we will be cheering you on if we could.
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