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Novice Criteria

I note the large number of novices who post on here (myself included) and am wondering when I can stop describing myself as such. Possible criteria appear to be as follows : -

1. Carbon bike (CHECK)

2. Plenty of red (MAYBE does red trim on my Slice count?)

3. Shaving (NEVER)

4. At least one 25mph crash on the bike (NO and fingers crossed)

5. Numbers of events completed (Is 3 enough?)

6. Swearing you're doing IM UK next year after 4 pints (CHECK)

7. Taking a pullbuoy on holiday to practice in the sea when the other half isn't watching (CHECK)


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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    I do not think that you ever really get out of the novice mode, as there is always something to learn to do better or differrently. At my club I often feel like a novice as although I have done many tri's, aquathons, 5 HIM and 2 IM there are many members that are into the 10 or more IM etc that can always give you tips and new members join that have not done (many or any tri's) that come up with a better way of doing something or nutrition suggestions or whatever.

    There is always something to learn or in my case 'unlearn' with my swim technique.


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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Having watched the RKC DVD that came free with 220 this month I reckon getting your wetsuit off in 3 seconds should be one of the criteria (current personal best about 3 minutes!)
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    include: 'removing it without making any overacting gestures' [:D]

    [image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m2.gif[/image]Oh: 'making porridge as a family dinner' def counts too !!!
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