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The Olympic triathletes all used standard road bikes.... why didnt they use Tri bikes or a Tri bike with drops?

Surely if a Tri setup helps for the run, why wouldnt they use it?


  • because drafting is allowed, you couldn't draft in a big group if you are down on the aero bars, not only is it too dangerous, but also pointless because the group surrounding you reduces the wind resistance.

    Because of this the laws state aero bars cannot protrude beyond the brake hoods, so they either have short ones (which they only really use if caught out on their own) or none at all.

    If they used bikes with tri-geometry and had their hands on the hoods/drops then they would be far too scrunched up at the front because of the increased seat-tube angle, this would not only be uncomfortable it would also be less efficient. They get the advantage of running off a tri-bike back by being able to draft, so save the legs a bit.
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    excellent response and answered all the questions... thank TommiTri.
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