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Work Injureis

Does anyone else suffer the occasional work injury that can slow down training for a few days while it heals. I have racked a large portion of skin off my shin which a the momentdoes not look or feel that great either, but as the swimming has taken a backseat for a while the are other things to get on with.[:(]


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    Fell down a pot hole today on building site badly twisted ankle its swollen up like a balloon, was just getting fitness back to full strength life can be so cruel
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Got two fingers bursted(dont know the exact term; it was broken, but not completely) at work 4 months ago. 4 weeks no swimming, really sucked. I'm a roof worker, so I'm pretty much aquanted with work injury.

    My palmares:-5 falls of various heights

    -Bursted Heel bone in Paris due tofall of ladder.

    -Bruised all hands (crushed between forklift and load).

    -Broken ankle that had to be screwed back in place (7 weeks of cast)[:o]

    -some minor cuts and bruses every week.

    So I guess I'm definately an PRO Injury guy. If only I could tri like I can get injured[8|][:D]
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    Life sucks when you cant train the way you want. It is a bad start to the week i have got something in my finger and it has swollen and it can not be straightened and i have twisted my neck but i dont know how or when.[:'(][:'(]
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    I get sciatica that has meant that I have had to make some lifestyle changes to prevent it reoccuring. However, there are things that I have to do at work (such as company travel in a hire car that is completely inappropriate for my back) which can cause me to be in pain for three or four days afterwards.

    I now book a physio appointment for as soon as I can after the trip. It's costing me a fortune but it gets me back to exercising as soon as possible.
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