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Good morning to everyone, what a glorious morning for a long bike ride on the country lanes around Suffolk. I hope you all are taking advantage of this fantastic weather instead of being couped up on the turbo trainer, but remember there is still plenty of salt on the roads so remember to clean your bike. My porridge is ready with a big helping of fresh fruit.

ENJOY YOUR RIDE and watch out for those crazy motorists. [:D][:D]


  • NickNick Posts: 66
    hi prosporo.

    i did my long bike yesterday in the glourious sunshine. makes training seem a lot easier. did an hour run today also in the sun shine, great! train hard, nick

  • Hi Nick

    The weather makes a big difference its nice to get out and get a long ride in, finished with a run after a 40 mile bike. Hope the trainings going well, long may the sun shine.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    YES; this kind of weather really lurs you noutside and finally you can get those long rides in the surroundings you want. I was optimistic about this sunny weekend: did a long ride of 45 miles yesterday and did a 40k easy spinning today[8D][8D]
  • Hi

    The weather was fantastic for a long gentle ride after physio and the leg is seems to be holding up, lets hope for more of the same as trianing in the sunshine feels good. Hope the trainings going well for the coming season.

    Train hard but train well
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