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Missing a beat?

Hi everyone,

I'm just getting over a rotten cold and was wondering if any of you other fit and healthy types suffer from missed heart beats? Basically, my heart just misses a beat and then the next one is like a thump.

I always get a bout of this after a cold - but only since I got much fitter and got my resting heart rate down to a nice healthy level. My GP says it's quite common and I know one other person at our club who gets it.

Just curious to know if any of you do and if anyone has any advice?


  • mine use to be very erratic and i would notice when i was in bed it would pause then restart. But at times mine would pause and it would cause pain in my neck and chin (not good.) The cause of mine was high blood pressure and smoking (according to doc's) nothing showed up on ECG.

    now i dont smoke and take life more in my stride i dont seem to suffer with it??

  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    I have something similar, my heart seems to forget a beat and then when it starts again it kind of beats erratically and then does 2 quick ones to make up for it! all very quick-happens in less then 3 seconds but is usually not painfull. feels very weird though[&:]
  • Hi Guys,

    it's really reassuring to hear that it happens to other people! Especially people who are fit & healthy! I think I should just stop worrying and get on with some training. I'm planning a swim tonight which will be my first training for 10 days arrrgh! We have a race here in Wales on Sunday and I hope I don't have to miss it.

    Keep well!

  • apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    hi there

    this is very common in young healthy people, particularly if fit. as the resting heart rate slows down, you can be more susceptible to these missed beats (and u will be more aware of them)

    they are entirely benign and i would just continue training as usual.

    obviously avoid training during a viral illness!

    enjoy ur race on sunday[:)]
  • Thanks! I hope the race will be a good one, it's the third of our 4 race aqualthon series and the run is twice the distance. Lets hope the wind and rain stay away - unlike they did for the first two!

    Finally decided to get on and enter Harlech Tri today so I think I'll do that right now before I wimp out[sm=rolleyes.gif]
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Every time I have a doctor examin me, they do the usual check up. When its time to check the pulse, they hesitate. They look at me, get their stetoscope out and re-check. Then they look at me and I'd say/ ' I know, it's skips sometimes,... often, ...too much[&:].' Then they look even more confused and I tell them I had this thing checked by a professional(cardiologist is the term in English I think).

    This stuff scared me at first, especially because I was only 24 years old and quite fit.

    I'd say if you worry about it too much, get it checked. As you can see on this thread, quite some people have it. It's probably nothing, but at least you can stop thinking about it. Better safe .....

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I had episodes of tachycardia (fast heart rate for no reason) and occasional mis-fires. I cleared up the first problem by lowering stress levels and, when it does happen, not panicking. I sometimes get an adrenaline rush with it, and if it happens while I'm training (hardly ever, now) I change my plan into a sprint session.... might as well use the adrenaline for something!

    As for missing a beat... this is usually (for me) a sign that I have over-done it a bit. I notice it in bed, usually with the slightly elevated resting heart-rate that also indicates over training. I take it very easy for the next day and I'm fine.
  • The missed beat followed by a catch up thump is called an ectopic beat. It is normal. Certain medication, hormone cycles, alcohol can make it worse.
  • I suffer from a missed heartbeat as well, the catch up beat is a whopper! Having seen the doc a couple of times and following an ecg, was told if it didn't hurt, it probably wouldn't kill me, also told to cut down on caffeine (i drink a crazy amount of coffee). Since moving to half caff, it has dramatically reduced.

    I would recommend anyone with this condition to the doc, just to be sure......
  • kinbarkinbar Posts: 15
    I get the same missed beat usually after too much salt - Chinese takeaway is the worst.
  • I think i heard that some of the latest heart rate monitors not only measure BPM but also measure the time interval between beats - i assume you would then be able to analyse your 'gaps'.

    P.S. I sometimes have these missing beats too. Feeling a lot better now thou.
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