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Hi all,

Among others on this forum i'm signed up for the 70.3 and Ironman in the UK. I've currently got by up to 70.3 distance in my entry level Orca suit, but with the Ironman fast approaching I figure its time to treat myself.

As far as I can tell the three leading contenders are




I've had a scan of this forum and back edition 220's but nothing sprung out at me - anyone got any advice or knowledge?



  • Thanks for the response - i'm in Wales on a cycling weekend i'm afraid otherwise I would try and make it.

    Also the fact that the 70.3 is on the 14th of June would be slightly problematic!

    I guess a preview of one bit of information you are going to impart is too much to ask?! I've found the 2XU with 25% off which makes me tempted to just go for that!
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I have the 2XU Endurance suit and I have no complaints with it what so ever.
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