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with regards to run distance b4 an im.

hi. i am 14 weeks out from an im , and i was wondering if 15m is enough to run in training?i managed it last week on a very tough road course with 3 miles up a very steep hill. i did this on just a breakfast of 2 toast with butter,a coffee 1 sugar and on the run i necked a bottle of liptonice tea.

i didint intend to run so long, but a my running mate looked at me with a smile,and said lets run up that hill. and we did and we kept going.

when we got home, at the 15mile mark, my face had a crust of salt on it from the sweat.

we have been doing 2hour bike 1 hour bricks twice a week. the odd long 120k cycle and some stand alone 2hour runs. so we knew we were getting fit, but i didint think i had a 15 miler in me with such shit nutrition if you follow.

we are thinking that for the rest of our training, we wll do a long run and a long bike every 2 weeks, as the two-3 hour bricks{tues and thurs} seem to be doing the trick.

what do you think guys?


  • i should add that we are just hoping to complete the im. that would be fine.

    during the week, when we do the 3 hour bricks, we use hr monitors, stay inzone 2 and only use water. thats the way to go long isint it? no sgar and stay in the low zones?
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think fitness wise you'll be fine but what you have to prepare for is the ability to go the distance having completed the previous two disciplines. My almost"fatal" error was to do 18 miles in training on a regular basis as well as the required cycling and swimming, but I almost came a cropper because 1. I did not give my nutrition the same respect or priority as the physical training and 2. whether you like it or not you will hit the wall when doing a marathon training or no training , nutrition or no nutrition! I would honestly advise you to do the 42km at your intended IM race pace to get the feeling of hitting the wall, which will kick in a t 20 miles or so. I regularly ran/run upto 18 miles and have no problems, in fact I can function and train (lightly) the next day, but once I cross the 20 -22 miles its' a different story.
  • thanks for the input treefrog.

    i went on the treadmil tonight , and felt so good that i managed 22k in 2 hours, a pb for me.

    on the previous 15miler i was talking about, i made the mistake of wearing a nike hoodie and sweatted my balls off.

    tonight, wearing my shorts and a tank top, i hardly had any cardiac drift, and ran slight above my areobic zone without boinking, so im happy .

    defo seeing good progress, though i think il keep the runs at 1 hour for a week to rest the knees.

    now its time to murder the bike!!
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