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ok. i have upgraded my entry level road bikes wheels, so whats next?

its on a triple, midrange campag stuff. mever missed a beat, but i see that all the hi end bikes and bikers run a double set up.

is there much to be gained? i have all ready spent 1000 euro on the wheels, the only problem i have with my current triple, is as my fitness has advanced over the last year i find i am spinning out in top gear at 50 kph to such an extent ,that if i try and chace the cadence at this rate,the bike becomes unstable-all over the place.

no good for long downhills at the ironman, where i would like more of a "push" under foot.

the guy in the bike shop tells me, that he can alter the cassette's gearing so i have a stronger top gear, and that there is no need to spent hundreds more on a new group set.

an honest aproach from him i feel{maybe its cause i just spent 1k on wheels}

what do you think i should do guys and gals?


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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Most triple chainsets have a 52t outer chainring,i gather your groupset is voloce or centaur and one way is to upgrade this to a 53t and your front mech should be able to handle it,also having a 11t ring on your cassete instead of a 12t,this will give you that extra bit more you need without spending a huge amount of money.
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    hey conehead....thats exactly what i was thinking as i flew past pretender after pretender last year in the ironman france on my 700 euro bike with a triple[X(]

    thanks for the advice ttx. its a centaur crank with a mirage derailur/xenon front mech. 52 tooth...

    in fairness, it never sticks or comes off.very good for the price.
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    red baby.


    talk to me about tyres and tubes guys, on my training wheels i have vederstein "ricorsos" which weigh in at 300g. they have never punctured in 1500k .

    all was well untill i looked at their website. they have road tyres that weigh in at 180g{fortezza}

    christ thats a good saving.

    i wonder is the gamble worth it? do these lighter tyres have a tendancy to puncture? i like to run 130 or so psi pressure....
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