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I recently completed my first triathlon in Windsor in a very slow time (I was petrified I wouldnt finish it). In order to train for it i followed a 12 week training schedule from RW built for someone who has never completed one, I have now entered the Seaford tri at the end of August which I would like to do much faster. In order to train for it should I go back to the original schedule and count back the weeks from the race and do it faster or since I have the training up the point where I can finish a triathlon look for a different schedule with more speed workouts? any advice would be most welcome.


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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Congratulations on the finsih at Windsor.

    It seems to me that you followed a plan designed for a purpose and it has achieved it's aims. Probably time to move on.

    Have you analysed your performance and identified which disciplines were particularly disappointing. If so then you know which areas to work on.

    If your swim was slow then it is probably technique that needs to be worked on.

    If the bike was slow then focus more on that.

    Jelly legs out of T2 indicates a need for bricks regularly.

    Slow run? Focus on that.

    Was the total time a problem? If so including some longer training sessions might help.

    There is no simple one size fits all answer as it depends largely on your individual background and specific weaknesses.

    Once you have identified the problem areas there are plenty of threads in the forum with training ideas for different needs or you can open some more specific threads.

    Remember however much you want to improve rest is as important as training and overtraining is a danger.

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    BrunoBruno Posts: 7
    Thank you very much for responding and the advice, indeed i have started looking at the weak parts, namely speed on swimming and bike and speed/endurance on the run and have started working on those whilst keeping up my stamina.
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