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I finished my first ever olympic tri yesterday at Windsor which I am very chuffed at. My training was concentrated purely on finishing in one piece and with some pride left and subsequently the time was very poor. Now that I have finished one and become slightly obsessed with it I am looking to improve in every discipline and would like to purchase an HRM to help me. The problem is that there are so many on the market with so many functions it can be very confusing.

Could anyone suggest a great all round one thats been tried, tested, dropped and sworn at which I should purchase?


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    slatsslats Posts: 11
    Try the garmin 305, HRM, GPS and loads of training features and ancills
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I too have a Garmin 305. not only good at what it does, but it really helps building fitness over the months.

    When I thought I wasnt getting quicker, I would analyise the date (in this case pace, and HR), and could see clearly the differences.

    Very good gadget.

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    BrunoBruno Posts: 7
    Thank you very much for the advice I ended up getting a 405 on a special offer which seems to do everything. Here's to faster times!
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    Garmin 50 for me.. much cheaper than other Garmins (which are also great) but for the GPS versions that what you're paying for... i found the 50, with footpod, a bargain at £120 and have calibrated it and it is bang on with the distances and you can also wear it as a watch!!!! JMO by the way
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