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2XU T:0 any good???

Does anyone happen to know much about this wetsuit and whether or not they would recommend it?

Looking for a good entry-level wetsuit to ideally rent or possibly buy - heard that apparently 2XU are better than Orca at the lower end (i.e. T:0 Team vs Sonar)

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated


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    leigh35leigh35 Posts: 28
    Hi ,they are both pretty good entry level suits, although Orca have been doing this for a long time. My first suit was an entry level from Orca and was brilliant. Saying that this season I have upraded to a 2XU suit which again is brilliant. The main thing is try them on and see which you feel the best in( Ideally in the water) The Renting idea is great as you can usually purchase the suit at the end of the seaon at a ruduced cost.

    There are quite a few open water centres around the country that allow you to try before you buy!!

    Hope this helps and good luck

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    Leigh - thanks for useful advice. Tried T:0 at Liquid Leisure in Datchet last weekend - will give Orca a try to see how I find it.

    Happy swimming
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