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Open Water oop North

With the UK being embroiled in various (in my honest opinion) ridiculous health and safety regulations, open water swimming is very limited as far as I know up North.

There are a few good lakes down south that have early midweek sessions going.

In the Sheffield area the only swim session I am aware of is the 8am - 10am one down at Rother Valley with Buoys about 100m apart, and the likelyhood of getting a face full of weeds! :-)

Has anyone else got any other recommendations?


  • BanksyBanksy Posts: 7
    P.S anyone aware of the consequences of just jumping in a lake and swimming in it?

    Obviously this would be in a group of people all with wet suits and suitably coloured luminous swimming caps.

    But perhaps Camo would be better for a stealth swim. hmm
  • BanksyBanksy Posts: 7
    Can I assume that there aren't really any open water facilities up north apart from the one mentioned?

    There must be something surely.......Come on guys I need your help :-)
  • mdjhammermdjhammer Posts: 4
    Not sure if it's of any help, but there are OWS held at boundary water park nr Knutsford and if you are feeling particularly brave, Salford Quays in Manchester. Both are held on a Thursday.
  • gherkingherkin Posts: 8
    Alnwick Tri hold some open water sessions on a thursday evening during the summer months. tyne Tri also hold some sessions i think although don't quote me on that.
  • In the midlands there is a session at Colwick park nr Nottingham on Sundays run by TFN Tri club. I know it's not really North, and you have to be a member.

    You could also try a book called 'Wild swim' which may have some places. I just popped into a book shop and leafed through it.

    Failing that, I think your idea of a group of friends is a good one, as long as you all look out for each other and be prepared to be chucked out. If you do, let us know how it goes.

    Another thought - is there a tri club in your area that has an OW session?
  • There is open water swimming at Pugneys near Wakefield sat & sun a.m

    also at Blue lagooners near Womersley not sure of the times, wed evening i think

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