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Thank you

Just a little thank you to the forum and its members - have been on here for past couple of months - making a few posts - lurking most of the time leading up to my first Tri.

Have my big one in 3 weeks time which I have been aiming for - Olympic distance here in N.Ireland but completeed my first sprint Tri yesterday and was over the moon!!! Unofficially came in around the 1hr 20 I think although I need to see the official results in next 24 hrs.

This forum is fantastic for new members and regular members alike.

Top work guys - keep it up!




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    GaryDee - I'm as you - all of us relatively "new" to the sport are probably a little intimidated with everything there is to know. Have found the friendly and supportive nature of the triworld community very rewarding. Congrats on your first race and keep it up!!


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