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2009 Kinetic-One K~FOIL tri bike

does anyone have any feedback on Kinetic One, both as a bike fitter but also their Kinetic-One K~Foil tri-bike? Their bike including fitting deal seems good but clearly at that price needs a damn fine bike and i've never heard of them before...?? the other options of bike for reference are probably either the Cervelo P2C or Felt B12


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Andy (i think it's Andy) from kinetic one often posts on here.

    Don't have experience of their bikes though but maybe he can give you a pitch here for everyones benefit?

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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Nio try this thread it has some more about kinetic one on it may help.


    Tom Room by the way came in the top 100 at this years 70.3 World Champs - not sure what he's riding now?

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    aero blobaero blob Posts: 29
    Hi niobark & GHarv

    Took me about 3 months by the look of it to spot this thread. Andy here from Kinetic-One. As soon as the season gets underway normally get too busy to post anything! got there in the end. Not sure if you;re still looking for a bike niobark - given that your post was so long ago! but happy to grab a bit of free publicity.

    We're a small specialist bike builder and fit specialist based in Gloucestershire. Our K~Foil bike is our flagship bike and we intend to take over the world with it (but we're taking our time - no point rushing!) All our bikes are built to preceise measurements of each rider, taking into account, age flexibility, goals, events etc. Once the bike is built we then do a video analysis of the rider on the bike and can make any final changes and suggestions to enhance positioning. We can and do even take riders into the wind tunnel - though that costs extra (a lot extra truth be told!!)

    We keep our costs really really low so you won't find us advertising in the glossy's - all that marketing and advertising would go on the price of the bike. We prefer recommendation and word of mouth and customer reviews: See: http://www.roadcyclinguk.com/review/reviewproduct/mps/RPN/61640/prod/Kinetic-one-Kinetic-One-K-Foil/RCN/0/rgn//sp//v/1

    Hope that helps. And thanks for the platform.


    PS Tom Room doesn't ride for us any more I'm afraid. Tom's a great guy and is dong really well. He's been back in touch recently and I think we'll be talking about sponsorship again!
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