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Mens olympic

Hi does anybody know what time the mens event is showing on telly through the night? im getting up to watch it but dont know what time!!! thanks x


  • I believe I spotted on BBC Sport this morning that it would be starting at the ungodly hour of 03:00 through til 05:10 for the mens race. I think I will get the highlights later!!!
  • Thanks katie. that is a horribly early time but im seriouosly considering getting up early for it and then zonking out againa afterwards!! I dont want to risk being late for work though... Ah dilemas.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    And if anyone is hoping to catch any highlights at 7pm,there were none of the ladies race,so I guess it is up at 02.55 then.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yes, the bbc seems have forgotten that triathlon exists, so I think the best bet is 3:00 am!

    I'm really interested to see how ali brownlee does compared to the Don and clarke as I am right in thinking that he prepared for this in a climate controlled room at loughborough? Rather than the hot weather training like the others did, which didnt seem to work for the girls. hmmm
  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Like Tommi tri

    I feel that the BBC highlights of the womens triathlon was poor, it seems that in any event unless someone from GB comes first ( which is happening alot lately ) they wont show it.

    I think anyone who manages to get Gold deserves to get some TV time.

    I have been in other countries eg new zealand and australia during the commonwealth and olympic games and would have to say their coverage of the events tends to be more evenly spread than the BBC which apparently prides itself on being a non bias news organisation

  • Brok999Brok999 Posts: 10
    I've just looked on BBC's Iplayer and the womens triathlon is on there so hopefully the Mens will be too tomorrow
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