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bike for duathlon

I've signed up to do the London Duathlon (Fun Distance) in September. As this is my first attempt at a multi-sport event (coming from a running background) I was wondering whether I should:

- use my mountain bike (need to fit road tyres)

- hire a bike (probably from triandrun)

- buy a second-hand drop-handlebar road bike

Any (constructive) comments would be most welcome.




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    Hi Nick,

    It really depends on your goals (and income!)

    If this is your first and you simply want to try it out - then stick with your mountain bike. The road tyres are still an optional extra. If you go round, do enjoy and want some more, go for the upgrade.

    There is a lot to be said for passing out other competitiors on nice shiny road bikes!!

    On the other extreme if you want to compliment your running background and do the best you can do - look at the road bike options.

    I have no experience of hiring, can't help you there.

    Well done on entering and good luck!


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    My first tri was on a £60 Halford MTB with knobbly tyres. I got around and was hooked. The exeperience gained absolutely convinced me that I needed a better bike but it gave me something against which to judge myself in later events and my first proper bike, a Giant SCR2, was a quantum leap in performance. I think that if I had used a 'proper' road bike in that first event it would have taken the fun out of the memory as I did everything wrong; trotted out from the swim in my speedos, towelled down, applied sunscreen, put on my cycle shorts (just happened to pick up a pair from TK Max for £5 for spinning) and vest, socks, about 2 1/2 minutes in total. Absolute rubbish time but I loved it. Sorry not duathlon I know but just wanted to share that.

    If you have a mate who is a cyclist the first big change would be to borrow some road tyres or even a bike.

    Regarding bike hire, I presume the hire bikes are something like a Specialized Allez or Giant SCR3 which will do the job but just make sure they ask you questions about your build, height, inside leg etc. so that they size you properly, again an experienced cyclist friend would be a great help.

    I wouldn't buy a bike just yet unless you can pick up a bargain - again properly sized and again an experienced cyclist mate would be a great help. You will (hopefully) be able to pick up some bargains at the end of the season as we all thow our teddies in the corner and convince ourselves (and our better halves) that we absolutely must have a different bike for the next season and dealers claer the shelves for the new range of shiney delights.

    I pretty much learned by trial and error but you will hopefully pick up some useful tips by trawling this and other forums and sites and hopefully not make as many.

    Good luck!
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