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Irish event coverage in 220 - none existent?

Hi all - newbie in the tri scene - hoping to do my first in August

Subscribed to 220 mag and its terrific - but what I wasn't so happy about was the absolute lack of Irish event coverage or club listings etc in the mag.

Not a thing?

Any other Irish members on here find that?

Any chance 220 can start including some Irish info in the mag?? Pretty please?



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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Hi Gary,

    Fellow Irishman here. I'm based in Cork, do tris but don't take it too seriously.Hard to find the time to train.


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    garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    hiya Pat - good to hear from you mate - yeh doing my first and got the bug myself!

    yeh training can take up alot of time as I've found out - plan to cut back a bit on it once I get my first over me in august and then plan for a couple of races in 09 and take it steady to then.

    Love the multisport aspect of it all!!

    just ordered my first tri suit and wetsuit this morning - no going back now!! haha
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    holdfastholdfast Posts: 15
    Well lad good to see another paddy on the site. Have to say the reporting on irish events is not great. But maybe we should step up to the mark and send in the reports on different races. Cant see that that been a problem

    best of luck starting out only really new myself i did the lost sheep a couple of years ago my first and have had no chance since then but back at it now and getting stuck in. Dont be hard on yourself if you dont get every hour in every week.


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    Hey Gary,

    hope you are well - from belfast myself and based in Dublin now for the past several years.

    Dublin Tri was my first a few years ago, and after several years of talking am in for the IM UK with a few events thrown in leading up to it - more my side of the country; Duathlons in Phoenix Park, Beast of the East in Wicklow and Dublin Tri again.

    Likewise receive a subscription as a gift a few months ago - find it more of tease with the ads and long for the pro look!! I actually get more valuable info from the guys in the forum than the mag.

    There was a good write up about Athlone Triathlon a few months ago. As someone suggested, I am sure the editors would be willing to include some of the write ups and results from Ireland.

    Would also be a regular viewer of http://www.triathlonireland.com/

    and my own club http://3dtri.com/

    Best of luck Gary,


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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi there lads, I think the 220 coverage of Irish events is reasonable considering they do cover the big ones, they have plenty of British and other international events and they have to balance event coverage with all the other pieces.

    I've been doing tri for 5 years and linking into this and other forums for a few years as there are no clubs based near Drogheda. Setanta is up towards Newry and the Dublin clubs are a pain in the ass to get to because of traffic. Congrats on taking up the IM challenge Fonz- good luck with the training.

    Anyone interested in forming / joining a Drogheda club - I'll put a link for this on triathlon ireland also.

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    Hi Gary

    I am also new to Tri...doing my 1st in August, London Olympic.

    I am a fellow Irishman from Bangor,Co.Down.

    Good luck

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    garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    Thanks lads - yeh theres also lack of a club anywhere near where I am also - probably closest is Triangle which I've been in touch with and may join up with for some swim sessions which are relatively close

    Geoff - the tri im doing is in August too (16th) and wouldn't be too far for you. Could be a nice one to hit as well after London! :)

    See the details here - places are going fast tho - think theres about 180 left to fill:


    Thanks lads and best of luck in your events!

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    I will look into the Lough Neagh.

    Cheers Gary

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