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panic run!

Here's my little story-after a few very VERY bad run times last year i decided to concentrate a bit more on running this year so signed up for a few runs....so heres my problem-last week during a half marathon i had what i can only describe as a panic attack this obviously fecked up my run and gave me a unimpressive time[:@] just wondering as anyone here ever had anything like this happen and have you any advice (other than reaching for the valium)...????


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    A panic attack? What symptoms? Maybe I'm not familiar with the terminology here, but I'd guess by 'panic attack' you mean there was some anxiety component?

    I've had a sudden elevated heart rate and wobbliness before - not really commensurate with the effort level I was putting in - which I found odd and unsettling, but it was only physiological effects - not psychological stuff. Doc explained this one away - too much sweat and too much water = Low salt levels.

    Anyway.... we fall back to the standard forum advice for sudden medical problems: ask somebody qualified. Book an appointment with the doctor.

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    It sounds like your putting far too much pressure on yourself, the winter season is long and so you have plenty of time to start clocking those good times before next year.

    Have a think about why you started down the road of triathlon in the first place, did you have a time when the only goal was to complete the distance? And the time was irrelevant?

    I ask this because maybe you should do a run or two allowing yourself to soak up the atmosphere, talk to a few people on the way, and most importantly leave your watch at home!

    As with all sports the good comes with the bad, and you need to have the bad days to really appreciate the good ones - and know when its a great one!

    I recently did an Ironman and followed all my own advice, everything else for me has always been about time. I did it in 14 hours, so slow by a lot of peoples standards - but I can truly say what an amazing day I had, I talked to marshalls, spectators, competitors, took my time in transition, and took every opportunity to soak up the atmosphere I often miss when it'd head down racing.

    I don't consider it to have been a bad race because of the time, just different, with different goals, with a whole load of cool memories that will last far longer than a PB will.

    I hope you find your stride again really soon, and I'm sure it will come when the pressure and expectation is off.

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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Amen to above

    If you experince any unexpected physiological problem an appointment with your GP is a good idea.

    And yes as Amazon says identify your goal - a 20K is a hard distance and induces it's own anxieties, think calmly about what you did during the race, did you stick to an identified pace, did you maintain adeqaute hydration levels neither too much or too little? It could be that you have placed so much importance on this event that you upset your Qi - chill, the important thing is to finish evrything else is a bonus.
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    triadtriad Posts: 62
    Physiological v Psychological: I had what can only be described as a 'realisation attack' in my first half ironman in 07 as I cycled up a nasty hill. After the shock of a life time, my form seriously drifted and I was questioning what was coming next and whether I should stop, despite the fact that my training had gone to plan all year. I needed to get hold of my mind as it was not my body that couldn't help me. I referred back to the visualisation of me finishing the half which I'd been using in training and immediately my form came back. I guess what I am trying to say is that each time you step up to a bigger challenge, the mind matters as much as the body. In my case visualising success reminding my mind and body of the goal. I accomplished the goal to the best of my ability at that time. Roll on July 09, full ironman next in Switzerland.
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    [:)] thanks for that guys. i don't know if a visit to the doc is neccessay i'm gonna try figure it out myself first. i have been thinking about it and my story goes on i have never been a runner and have only taken up running in the last two years so yeah just finishing a 21k run is an achivement. i have however plans to do a marathon end of oct (dublin). i used to be told by pepole that i couldn't run so have proven them wrong, now i'm told by runners that i jog don't mind that though at least i'm moving forward!!! Back to the run the last day i was running beside someone and chatting away don't think water was a contributing factor either. am gonna do a sprint tri at the weekend so back on farmiliar ground[:)] god this is great therapy think i'll cancel my appointment with the shrink[;)]
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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