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Tatton Park Triathlon

The Olympic Distance race is on Sunday with registration and racking of kit on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately there is no information about the security of transition on the website for each competitors kit overnight. I have never left my bike etc in transition overnight and I'm a bit worried about whether it will still be there on Sunday morning! Can anyone reassure me as unfortunately the race team have not responded to my email?


  • Whilst I don't know about the security, I intend to take a couple of locks and secure my bike to the racking. I won't leave anything else there overnight, so I'll drop my box in when transition re-opens on Sunday morning.

    When did you email them? I emailed them yesterday morning for confirmation that racking was on Saturday and they got back to me in a few hours.
  • I emailed them on Sunday afternoon, not to worry-thanks for your reply anyway! I think I'll do the same as you and take some locks for the bike. Good luck for Sunday!
  • jd13jd13 Posts: 2

    Does anyone know the web address for the results please? Guess who didn't make a note of it.......
  • jd13jd13 Posts: 2
  • Lady Penelope,

    I did the sprint last year and put my name down for the Olympic this year. I too have never left a bike in transition overnight, can I assume that you had no problems leaving your bike here?
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    I don't know of any bikes that went missing. I locked mine up, and covered it in a couple of black bags as it was a bit damp overnight.
  • Excellent news, thank you
  • bucko, it was a secure transition area, with a guard all night.
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