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Sore undercarriage...

hi all. this is my first question on here. i tried searching for an answer but no joy, so if this is a daft question please let me know... [;)]

I did my first tri back in june (the cheshire sprint tri in nantwich), which i thoroughly enjoyed and have been training hard ever since ready for the repeat event in september (northwest tri)! my question is this:

I'm used to wearing padded cycling shorts when I've gone mountain biking, but having never done triathlons before I wasn't sure whether to wear my padded shorts for the triathlon as the pad seemed to get in the way when I tried to run with them on. so I ditched them and just did the whole event in a pair of speedo swim shorts, but after the bike leg without having had the benefit of the padding i had a bit of a sore 'undercarriage'. do you guys wear padded cycling shorts and put up with the discomfort on the run or wear unpadded and just put up with the pain???


  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think I speak for most on here, when I say that most of us wear trisuits, either one or two piece.

    With a trisuit or tri specific shorts the padding tends to be thinner and narrower, in comparison to normal bike shorts, so as to not get in the way on the run.

    I actually find my trisuit also far more comfortable on the bike in comparison to my bike shorts, i think this is because my bike shorts are actually too padded, and the pads are only broken up into 4 sections. Whereas my trisuit has 7 pads, which i believe helps to increase comfort, seems to work!!!!
  • stubtoestubtoe Posts: 9
    Thanks TommiTri, I knew there must be a solution! Makes sense now. Although, the obvious next question is "one piece or two piece?" (but I'm sure that will have been discussed somewhere on the forum before so I'll have a look). To be honest I'm not sure about the idea of a one piece, but I suppose until you've tried it you'll never know...

    Any recommendations as to good/reliable brands of tri clothing (that aren't going to break the bank)?
  • Hi Stubtoe,

    With regards to tri clothing I bought my first one piece trisuit earlier this year. I would suggest finding a tri shop that stocks at least a couple of different brands so that you can try some on. I found the 2XU Endurance suit fitted best and at £65, was well priced. I thought that it might be uncomfortable for biking or running over any period of time, but was surprised. Also, like TommiTri, it seems that my trisuit is more comfortable than my cycling shorts!!!
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I have the same suit, 2XU endurance, great suit, bright red!
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Hav you found the thread on one or two-piece yet? its quite a long one, as most people who write on the forum gave their preference.

    And thats what its all down to really, preference.

    I personally like the one piece, as i find it more comfortable than a two piece. There is also no riding up of the top, which annoys me alot.

    However, the best thing you really need to do is go and try one on. As its a very intimate piece of kit the fit has to be perfect. Therefore I would strongly advise against getting one of the net, as different companies sizes vary.
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