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Dura Ace Vs 105

We all know the benefits for the pro's when it comes to having the best bike components but as us 'amateurs’ have other things to spend our hard earned cash on, like mortgages, bills, families etc. Is it really worth the extra cash to buy Shimano Dura Ace over 105? How much of a benefit would it really be to us?


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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152

    I'm still using 105 but I have to say that others that I was beating comfortably a year ago are now ahead of me on the bike. So the bike is a factor, no doubt. I'm happy to plug on for the moment as those other commitments you mention are number one.
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    Hi Trispace

    Here is an site which compares Ultegra and Dura Ace


    I have an Ultegra equiped bike and a Dura Ace equiped bike and I cannot feel too much difference in them, I have heard that the front derailleur in Ultegra and Dura Ace have an 'extra' amount of movement to help to engage the large chain ring. A friend of mine has 105 and has ridden my 'Dura Ace' bike and he said it does feel different - he did not say if it was better or not!

    I have not had any issues with either range and would quite happily buy a bike with Ultegra, I got a very good deal on my 'Dura Ace' bike but it does cost a bit more to change cassettes/chains etc when you have Dura Ace.

    Now we just need to find a comparison of 105 an Ultegra and you should have some idea of if it is worth spending the money.


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    popeyepopeye Posts: 6
    Following Willy's message: I have had bikes with Utegra and with 105. I have not noticed much of a difference to warrant the extra cost (perhaps a pschological one!?) and a small, annoying and possibly insignificant thing for most people (but not for me) with 105 is that there is no way of knowing which gerar you are in without either looking back or having a good memory!
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    I've had a couple of bikes with 105 and never had any problems with them - nor felt that the groupset was slowing me down. I now have Force on one bike and Ultegra SL on the other. Again, I've had no problems with either. They are both a little lighter than 105 - and more expensive. However, as I had no probs with gear changes on the 105 bikes I'd happily ride with that again if necessary.

    So, in short, for me its down to weight. If you're happy to pay more to save some then go ahead - the more expensive groupset will be lighter (and argubly slicker - but as I say, 105 always worked well enough for me). If groupset weight isn't the biggest issue for you then I reckon you would do well to go with 105 (which won't let you down) and spend any money you save on upgrading your wheels - which I think would make much more of a difference to the feel (and speed) of your bike.
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    trispacetrispace Posts: 25
    Thanks for the comments folks. Must agree with you Conehead.....my thoughts exactly, couldn't have put it better myself!!![:)]
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    niknakniknak Posts: 8
    The difference in groupsets is predominantly down to weight and quality of material. Therefore you might want to look at your

    gear ratios rather than change groupsets. The point previsouly made about weight off the individual is the best point made.

    The next thing to change is wheels. You be better off saving weight here than anywhere else, as it's rotating weight, a pound off

    here is like two off the bike.

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