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Wheels upgrade - Easton EA70 v Shimano RS80??

Hi guys - looking to upgrade my wheelset from the stock wheels that come with my bike last year - have a Specialized Allez and am aware that putting on £1200 wheels on a £500 bike just isn't worth it!

So just looking at the top end of the training wheel market - the two that stand out for me from reviews are the Easton EA70 wheels and the Shimano RS80 which are £100 dearer - but both are given excellent reviews.

Has anyone any experience of either of these two wheelsets? Will I definitely feel / see a difference in my cycling upgrading these - I'm told thats one of the best upgrades you can do to a bike to nake it perform better - without buying a new carbon dream machine! :)

Thanks in advance of any feedback!



  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Hi Gary,

    Must be something about Allez's and new wheels. Have been weighing up an upgrade along similar lines for a while now and have decided to go for the EA70s. Picking them up later so can let you know if you want to hang on. The RS80s sound great too but a bit too ££ for me.

  • garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    Thanks Jac - yeh let me know how you get on - the Eastons look fantastic and they review fantastic - but 220 reviewed the RS80's as 'the wheels to be in 2009' so wondering if they are worth the extra few £?


  • garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    alrite conehead - I blame you by the way of tempting me into this expensive yet addictive sport with your book! hehe

    well budget is kinda up to £400-450 on these wheels - as I only paid £500 for the bike it doesn't make sense to spend more than that on them? I wanna use them for training and racing - and use my current stock back wheel for the turbo.

    I'd dearly love (and will most likely) at some point to get a nice carbon tri dream bike for more expensive money - but since this is only my 2nd year in tri (aiming for my first middle distance this August and a full IM next June in France - thats the goals) then I didn't want to dive in spending £1000's on a bike just yet - get myself up to a significant level where its justified spending that kinda money :/ if that makes sense?

    any feedback very much appreciated

  • garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    haha good plug there conehead ;)

    I'm based in N.Ireland here so it'd cost me more than £99!

    Plus its the girlfriends bday on the 20th - hmmmm THAT would not go down well me thinks! I be tired enough!

    Yeh I know all about the bike course from doing research after I'd set my heart on doing the course lol!

    Sure theres only 37miles of hills (more likely mountains!) at the start of it to get through then it'll be plain sailing :) eh? :)

    Ok thanks mate!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Share & share alike.....I need to know too.
  • garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    Damn you conehead!!!! lol stretching the budget!!

    Do you think its really worth putting these wheels on a allez? i.e. will I see the benefit of them on my current setup?

    Thanks for the quick response btw

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