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Scott CR1 Plasma Pro

Just a quick question....

I didn't see any Scott CR1 Plasma Pro bikes at London nor do I see any postings/recommendations regarding this bike. In March or May this year 220 triathlon rated this as a 9 overall and was wondering what everybody's opinion of this bike is as I have an opportunity to buy one quite cheaply?

Would appreciate any comments or opinions.


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    Not sure what the bike is like to ride but I saw Jensen Button scream past me on one at the Bath Tri [:@]
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    Well if it's good enough for "The Button" then it will be good enough for me.......
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    I had one, now hubby has it as it was too big for me. It's great though! Light as a feather and stiff as a board. Only probs I had were that 1. my stem wasn't long enough so not enough weight over the front wheel which made it very, very twitchy in the wind and 2. not enough weight over the back wheel when climbing which meant that on steep hills the back wheel would spin but i think that's because the bike was too large so i couldn't balance my weight over the front of the bike but have enough on the back wheel.

    So yeh, a great bike!! Hubby LOVES it too - he upgraded from a Giant TCR to it. [:D] Happy all around.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Must try that approach, by Lady Britspin an expensive bike that I would like, but buy wrong size, so I appear generous & loving (as I am!) then reluctantly agree to 'take it off her hands' when it proves to be too big & she has to buy a replacement.
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    Ok that's great thanks Barbsarama - think I will go ahead and purchase one "for the missus".......[;)]
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    heh heh yes, he did buy it for me claiming to know what i needed... and conveniently it fitted him like a glove... good ploy - although i did then go and buy myself a lovely new bike which sleeps between us in the bed at night (haha!)

    Just increasing our training at the moment for an endurance road race and went for a decent training ride this morning and am now going to search the forum for tips on early morning breakfasts as we are trying to fit 1.5 - 2 hour rides in before work ugh. Now I have a terrible headache too!

    Ok, enough rambling...
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