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SBR Sports - AGAIN!!

Try sending PM to sbrsteve


  • Can anyone tell me how to contact SBR sports ? I have called, left messages and emailed and have had no response whatsoever. What a pile of c**p they are.
  • Ok thanks for your help mate.
  • I am clearly in the wrong business! How can sbr get soooo much bad press and still have people buying stuff from them! Are you all nuts? The mind boggles.....
  • I know - after reading all the posts here I thought surely they can't be that bad.......how wrong I as
  • WisemanWiseman Posts: 10
    SBR are not my best of friends either.........

    2 months ago ordered new tri suit......

    not received......

    no refund..........

    they are defo in the black book

    Wiggle me up from now on

  • Must say sbrsteve must have balls of steel still coming on to the forum with so much crap about SBR posted...!

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    hmmm yes, however having read the emails they sent in reply to queries regarding their service I think they are all pretty disillusioned to say the least!
  • martyn837 wrote:

    Must say sbrsteve must have balls of steel still coming on to the forum with so much crap about SBR posted...!

    My balls are perfectly fine.......[;)][;)][;)]

    On a serious note, I am trying to give the Internet guys a large one up the backside, and am slowly succeeding [:D][:D][:D]

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Never used SBR before, don't think I will though. Mainly cause I live in Belgium and can get my stuff closer here.

    But on the objective side: I think sbrsteve is trying hard to work it out. Maybe it will all work out in the end. I never trusted those net-guys anyways [;)][:D]
  • Not trying to put SBR down as I have never used them so can not comment on there customer service... But you have to hand it to SBRSteve atleast he is active on the forums and facing the flak headon and trying to sort it out...

    How many other companies do you see on here posting???

    Just my thoughts (Will probably get shot at dawn for them...!!!)[;)]

  • On the opposite end of the scale Slane Cycles in Belfast have been absolutely top notch. Ordered some stuff from them and although order was delayed they kept me in touch and even chucked a free pair of socks in to apologise for the delay. Top guys.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Slane Cycles are excellent, great advice, great kit, great prices and great prices. For best service phone befre you buy - they let you know about what is in stock what is new what is better and they also will knock a few quid off www.slanecycles.com
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