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Post Sea Swim Drink

So, today I finally did it. I dragged my brother down to the beach, donned my Foor wetsuit and went for my first attempt at open water swimming. After getting the hang of sighting, the swim wasn't too bad!! I was a little worried becuse the waves were over 0.5m and there have been reports of foriegn jelly fish on the south coast recently. But the more I swam the more confident I got. I found that going for a slightly slower longer stroke helped when timing my breathing with the waves and sighting every 6th stroke kept my direction okay.

So everything was going okay until I got out of he water! I am bound to swallow some sea water when swimming, but not even a bottle of water was enough to get the salt taste out of my mouth. Does anyone have any tips on anti-seawater drinks to have lined up at T1 after a dip in the sea?

Thanks, Nick


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I find something nice and sweet like lucozade sport helps get the salt taste away. I also use a bottle of water to tip onto my head/face, especially if it is sunny and/or windy. Don't know about anybody else, but the salt really burns my face.

    Re stroke, I also find that a longer slower stroke is best when wearing a wet-suit in the sea. I'm naturally very bouyant anyway, so when I put on my Orca and get into salt water it is like trying to swim on a li-lo. Long pulls and zero leg kick seem to be the routine.
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