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Is it safe to... need an answer fast!!!

OK guys hoping to get a fast answer on this one as I'm planning a long cycle later and have only the kit with me that I brought.

I've been doing all my training to date from Feb indoors just on my turbo,

Question is - I have the turbo trainer skewer on my back wheel with me - is it safe to use this skewer for outdoors cycling OR should you always change back to the proper skewer that came with the wheel??

Also I know that I should be using a turbo wheel for indoors work and will be when I buy a new set of wheels after easter and use my current back rim for just indoor turbo work! :)

Thanks in advance!!



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    BexHBexH Posts: 226
    I asked my mate the same question when I got mine and he said it's fine to keep the turbo one in for outdoors; bit of a pain in the arse keep changing it otherwise! He's pretty experienced so I assume this is correct!
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    garydee77garydee77 Posts: 63
    cheers Bex!

    thought it should and couldn't find any answers in google

    will chance it - surely it should be safe - hopefully it will! :) lol

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    gary just the question i was wondering myself!!! thanks for asking it first!! ooh and enjoy your rides.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Your "normal" skewer could well be light weight, made of soft expensive metal, which, if you tried to clamp it into the turbo would get all scratched and messed up.

    The one that comes with the turbo is likely to be stronger (heavier) and shaped to clamp in.

    Assuming the skewer is fitted properly, the turbo one will probably be less likely to fail than the original one!
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