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Sprint or Olympic

Hi everyone,

I've signed up for my first tri (sprint distance) at the end of August, my training seems to be going well (I think) although I've not really got benchmark to go by. Im kean to get signed up for my second tri but how do I know if for my second I'll be ready to do an olympic distance? Is there any way to tell?!

Thanks in advance for the help!


  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Hi en51nm

    Like you I am contemplating my fist olympic distance triathlon in september this year...... this coming after a season of sprint triathlons.

    Good question how do you know your ready ?

    I suggest if you are a reasonably good swimmer, go out and cycle 40kms then try to run 10, if you can do this then you are definitely ready.

    I am at the point where I feel i should be able to do it ..... however I know 6kms into the run I am going to feel alot of pain and depression( thoughts like what the **** am i doing this for will be prevalent) However when I cross the finish line I will be on a natural high for weeks and it will all be worth it........ Then I will start dreaming about 1/2 ironman

    One of the forumites made comment on the same thing a few weeks ago. they said they found little difference between sprint and olympic distance apart from it hurting for much longer

    Good luck with your first tri, its very addictive once you get started.

  • zig a zagazig a zaga Posts: 22
    I concentrated on sprints for the first 3 reasons, and did my first olympic last year, which was a lot tougher.

    I have done 2 sprints to start this season, and have completed 3 olympics since. You need to train specifically for each distance. if you only train for sprints, you will suffer doing a sprint.

    I felt it was more of an achievement completing an olympic and am considering stepping up to 70.3. Again this is possible, but the training regime will have to change, to have any chance.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I think the main thing is being comfortable for the swim. That is the one thing that could definitly stop your race. If you can make that then you can set off with the goal of making it to the finish line and pace yourself accordingly. You don't need to train up to race distance - although it helps physically and psychologically.

    The main difference I find is going easier on the swim and bike then starting to wind up the run (if possible) and you have to be able to take on fuel (gels/energy drinks) - it's all about pacing.

    If you can do the swim I'd just get stuck in and relax, enjoy it, pace yourself and I'm sure you'll finish.
  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    I had the same question so I eneterd Bala in September - guess I'll get my answer then!

    Seriously - I think, if you pace yourself and just aim on finishing that's a great place to start from.

    Go on guys - just fill out an entry form and get a race place confirmed - it will focus your minds!
  • After doinhg a few sprint really wnated to push myself and do the Classic/olympic! Which i have just completed at TRentham (stokeontrent). It was fanastic to push yourself double the distance really. Open water swim (loads better than pool based), laps on both the bike and the run. The only thing that let me down was the horrendous heat even at 1130am so did a slower 10km run than usual and my back gave me some grief, but still did a good time (for me!). Defo go for it, i will be going back for more next year!

    So go for the classic - nothing lose as nothing to compare it too if its your 1st one!
  • well done Wylie - sounds like you had great fun!

    out of curiosity - what were your times like?
  • If you can do the swim you can do the distance. As above, just pace yourself through it (until the last 5 ks of the run - where you can let loose).

    My first tri was olympic (Dorney in May) and I'd only just learned to swim. I followed the above plan and it was fine. Sure it'll be the same for you too.

    Good luck and have fun.
  • All the above is good advice. I have a similar issue in that I am hoping to step up to 70.3 next year. I think that as long as you're comfortable on the swim and bike and dont go out too hard, the run shouldn't hurt too much. The key is to make sure you have something left for the run. My first tri this year saw me blast the swim, work extra hard on the bike, only to record an extremely slow 5k run time. One that I was absolutely disgusted with. Two weeks later I paced myself a lot better and ran 5 mins quicker!!!!
  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Just my 2 penneth worth if i may.... like many, my 1st year at Tri, and didn't start training until March, for a June event. Little sprint number, Tatton, wonderful time had by all!

    The best words of advice i had on here were 'realx and enjoy' and it grows from there! I've since completed 3 more, and have the following to look forward to...

    31st Aug - Llanwrst

    14th Sept - Bala Standard

    26th Sept - Cycle From London To Paris

    12th Oct - Oulton Park Du Athlon

    19th Oct - Cumbria Half Marathon

    So, my point being, dependent on what you want to achive and how good you wanna be, i would say, do it, realx and just enjoy!

    I'm pretty sh*t, but hey, i finish them all, and the Bala is a proper big boy event, and wasn't really going to to attempt one of these until 09, but such is the support of fellow Tri Athletes, i'm gonna give it a go this year!

    Anyway, in a nutshell... DO IT... you'll love it!!

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