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olympic tri run times

hi folks, i am moving up to oly distance next year (early planning i know!) and am looking to improve my run split. my aim is to run 36-37 mins off the bike but i realise i would obviously have to run faster than that in training runs without the 40km cycle beforehand. is there a kind of standard percentage to add to each split in a tri compared to when just performing a single leg? cheers


  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    I dont know of any standard formula that would calculate your run time after you had biked in relation to the time you would do just on a single run.

    if you have done some sprint distance triathlons this season , why dont you compare your times for the 5kms run after your cycling leg and the time you do for a single 5km run. This should calculate your own personal differential between run after a cycle comparitive to just a run.

    I am intending to do an olympic distance tri in september however focusing on doing as much brick training as I can as I find running by itself feels completely different to having to run after a 40km bike ride
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I literally just read an article on http://www.wearetriathlon.co.uk/articles/training/running-bike which suggests you should add 10% to your standard time...
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yeh i think 10% sounds about right, I think you should be aiming to be within 2-3 minutes of you stand alone 10k time when you race. 10% would put you at about 3 and half mins.

    I think the elites can get down to about a minute, the limiter with them tends to be the 1st few minutes when the pace is slower so the jelly legs can wear off, then they should be back up to their normal 10k speed.

    However the limter with us mortals can often be a combination of the initial jelly legs, fitness levels and nutrition.

    I would say that if you can it down to that 2-3 minute difference you've done well and your nutrition strategy has been succesful and you have trained your legs to overcome the jelly legs!

    If your still feeling the jelly legs after 1-2k then you will need to look at your bike run transition and do more bricks so your legs get used to it.

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